Website development

A website is the basic marketing tool your company uses to close a sale.

Free WebsitesThere are many free websites available out there so why do you need to pay for a website? Of course, you can avail of free sites, and that does suit some people and businesses.

However, those sites are basic and will not allow you to grow organically as your business does because they are simple websites. They will not effectively permit you to offer e-business (online sales, etc) effectively because they may not be able to incorporate the tools you need, or if they do, those sites may charge you to do that. Sometimes ‘free sites’ are not always free. These sites bait the hook with the suggestion of a ‘free’ site, but as time goes on and you need more and more from your website, then they offer you ‘extra services’ for a fee.

As a business, you need a hands-on approach from a company with the knowledge and skill to provide you with the most effective solution that is, naturally, tailored to your specific needs instead of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to free sites.

Izy Solutions provides web development solutions

Izy Solutions offers web design

Many of our competitors are Web designers. So why not choose a web designer? Web designers know how to make things look pretty, but pretty websites are not necessarily functional websites. Izy makes things pleasing to look at, makes them functional and makes them work. Designers decorate but don’t always make it work in the best or most efficient way. If you want to build a house you get an architect and builder to build the house, not an interior decorator.


In Izy Solutions, we count with years of experience in programming, especially in Web development. That is what make us different from other Web design companies who have very little or none experience coding. We have a clear understanding of developing software to match your requirements and foresee the technical needs that your business will need as it grows.

We have strong knowledge of the most common languages for web development and we continue to learn as the technology changes.