Top 5 Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

email marketing trends

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your company and your brand. With a high ROI and big opportunities, emails can be a boost to every stage of your sales funnel. 

But unless you are ahead of the latest email marketing trends your efforts might be dismal failures. 

Make sure you make the most of your 2019 campaign with these trend predictions:

1. Leveraging Video 

80% of all internet content is video because that’s what audiences prefer. But what is the reason email marketing has yet to catch up?

If your firm wants to be ahead of the curve in 2019 it is time to use video and enhanced visuals in your email marketing strategy. 

Dry, boring, and impersonal messages won’t leverage the high ROI of email marketing. Instead, use the medium your audience wants. 

2. Auto-Responses 

Triggered email, or auto-responses, are a great way to stay engaged with your audience. They won’t just help you increase conversions either.

Auto-responses have been underutilized by many companies. Implementing this strategy for abandoned shopping carts is one way to make the most of triggered emails. 

But you can also employ triggered emails for new subscribers, actions on your content, and other customer interaction. 

Measure your user engagement with triggered emails and you will also be gathering valuable analytics. A great strategy is to test varying triggers and engagement to drive the best results. 

3. Getting Personal Pays Off 

While respecting personal data and privacy is a must, bridging the gap between tech and human touch will transform email marketing. 

It should come as no surprise that customers believe the overall customer experience is declining as technology grows. Companies that employ a personal tone in email marketing will stand out in terms of experience. 

Don’t just use a conversational tone though. Make sure your content is personal and directed to drive conversions and branding. 

4. Predictive Marketing 

Predictive marketing is one of the biggest email marketing trends. Making use of analytics to tailor messages to your subscribers will also help in terms of personal touch. 

Predictive marketing will help keep customers engaged by focusing on their unique needs. In addition, you can craft responses and follow-up engagement strategies. 

Too many companies are in reactive mode with their email marketing strategy. Using predictive analytics and anticipating the needs of your potential clients ahead of time will keep your company responsive.  

5. Interactive Email Marketing Trends 

In every situation, your email marketing campaigns should be more interactive in 2019. Interactive emails allow for a greater user experience and encourage engagement. 

The more engaged your audience is, the more they are likely to flow through your sales funnel and get to the conversions you desire. 

Getting Help For Integration 

Like all aspects of digital marketing, your strategy needs to be integrated to make the most of the latest email marketing trends. 

Unless your approach to email feeds of content marketing, social media, and SEO it won’t be successful. 

We can help. Izy Solutions specializes in solving problems for our clients. 

Don’t wait. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help create and implement your integrated plan. 

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