Maghera Historical Society

Maghera Historical Society
April 15, 2016

When you think of a website, you tend to focus first on the visual image, perhaps giving less thought to usability.
Izchel Boyd created a website for our society. She had the foresight to recognise that a growing number of our members were accessing the web with their smartphones and tablets, rather than traditional larger-screen alternatives.
To appreciate the difference, try looking at a standard website with a smartphone, the image is the same, but it is reduced to postage stamp size. By contrast, the site she has created for us “knows” it is being viewed on a smaller screen; it automatically adjusts itself.
In addition to this technically smart feature, she has given us the ability to accept memberships payments and sell our publications on the internet. As orders come in, those responsible to process them receive an automatic email. They don’t have to log in to see if orders have arrived.
Looking behind the screens of our website, Izchel Boyd has added several advanced features which we hope to make us shortly. The website is not only a central hub for our members, it now generates revenue for the society.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Izchel Boyd and her work. She has demonstrated, to us, her expertise in computer programming.