Increasing Online Store Sales: How to Use Social Media for eCommerce

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Did you know that over 2.27 billion people use Facebook each month?

If you have an online store, moving your market to Facebook can generate tons of new sales.

Do you want to learn the best strategies top sellers use for Facebook? Here are 5 ways you can use social media to breathe new life into your market.

1. Use a Custom Online Store Builder

Nothing kills sales faster than a website that isn’t mobile user-friendly. If you want to reach the billions of people who use Facebook, you need to make their shopping experience enjoyable.

Whether you have a website that you want to optimize for social media or if you want to build one from scratch, using professional services from our sister company Get Your Online Shop, will ensure your shoppers are happy. When customers have a good time, they’re more likely to return and recommend your store to their friends.

2. Participate in Giveaways

One popular way to build hype for your online store website is to create giveaways and other promotions.

These marketing campaigns can use many tricks to increase sales. Participants can enter their emails for a chance to win, which gives you a wider audience when you send out marketing emails in the future.

Many companies allow people to earn multiple entries for the giveaway. Sharing on Facebook, tagging a friend, sharing on Instagram and Twitter, and referring friends through email can all count as additional entries that give you more exposure.

3. Boost Sales for Your Online Store with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users each month, which means you can take your online store much farther than the original Facebook platform.

Facebook Messenger offers bots that can provide a personalized and helpful shopping experience for each user. Users can ask questions, get products recommended for their own tastes, and checkout all within the app.

What’s even better is that your store can message people who leave items in their cart to remind them to finish the transaction.

If you want to send marketing messages to the masses, Facebook Messenger is more effective at reaching your audience. Not only will you have less competition in Messenger, but your messages will never get lost in a junk folder.

4. Pay for Facebook Adverts

People spend hours scrolling through their Facebook feed each week. If you invest in Facebook adverts, the returns will be incredible.

Facebook can help you reach your target audience so the people who see your adverts are more likely to enjoy your products. Getting the most amount of exposure is vital for smaller businesses that aren’t well-known.

5. Interact with Shoppers Directly

Finding good customer service online is hard. If your store is on Facebook, it’s worth hiring a social media manager.

Replying to customers’ comments shows that your company cares. Thanking commenters who take the time to leave positive feedback will encourage more people to spread the kindness. If customers have questions or complaints, reaching out to them will boost satisfaction and sales.

Ready to Create Your Dream Online Storefront?

As you can see, Facebook can breathe new life into your online store. If you want to reap the most benefits from social media, you need to build a website that’s compatible with Facebook shoppers.

Our sister company Get Your Online Shop can build you a custom website, help you with SEO, and so much more. Check out our services to see how we can revolutionize your sales.

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