Google searches for Northern Ireland up 945% in past week

Google searches for Northern Ireland up 945% in past week

In the past week, June 5 – 12, 2016, Google searches for Northern Ireland have increased a shocking 945%!

More people are searching about Northern Ireland than ever!

The numbers are telling us that more people are searching for Northern Ireland, and local businesses should take a moment to think about how they can provide searchable content with this keyword and benefit from this traffic.

What happened to make these numbers skyrocket like that?

Let’s see the trends for this week… Eureka! The Euro Cup 2016! Northern Ireland is playing its part in this trending topic. Some people might not know where Northern Ireland is. I know! Hard to believe, right?

This curiosity is driving a lot of people around the globe to search for NI on Google. Let’s take advantage of this!

Is your business directly benefiting from the Euro Cup 2016? Great! You probably had a strategy in place months ago to target a footballer / sports lovers audience. If not, planning for the future could pay dividends. We can help you with your digital marketing and social media strategy.

Maybe you are a pub, restaurant, sports shop, or a flexible business who appreciates how an event this size can push your sales.

Like these guys Bryson’s Magherafelt

The Euros at Brysons Magherafelt

Hint: If you are a pub and you are showing the matches, you might want to register that on

Even if your business is not related to football or sports in any way, and you want to keep your distance from it as well, this should not prevent you from using words that may help your business to be found.


Any wee effort is good to put Norn Iron on the map, isn’t it?


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