7 Telltale Signs Your Business is Due for a Website Refresh ASAP!

7 Telltale Signs Your Business is Due for a Website Refresh ASAP!

Is your website not performing how you want it to?

A fast-loading, attractive website that functions well is key to any successful business. But once it’s live, it can be hard to tell when a refresh is in order.

Don’t worry! Here are our 7 signs that your business needs a website refresh ASAP.

1. Hard to Navigate

Can your users get from point A to B and back again with ease on your site? Users shouldn’t have to fight to get back to a previous page. Your site should also support new features and functions without needing a do-over.

2. It Looks Outdated

If your website feels and looks dated, it can turn users away. Users are most likely to engage with an attractive, sleek, and easy to navigate website.

It shows off the success of a company and shows the company is growing. It also shows the company is keeping up with the latest technologies and trends. Be sure to check out modern websites to take inspiration for your own.

3. Not Responsive

Does your website function across all devices and platforms? Users shouldn’t have to swipe and zoom to view your site on their mobile or tablet.

They also expect that the items in their carts will still be there if they switch devices. If your website doesn’t provide these functions, you could be losing potential customers.

4. Difficult to Update

In this age of fast-paced information sharing, your website should be easy to update. In 2019, there is no reason it should be hard to update.

New services, blog updates, and other engaging content should be easy to add. If they aren’t, and your website is too clunky then it is failing to perform how you need it to stay competitive.

5. Features Don’t Work

It’s great having a good-looking website but it has to function too. If some features don’t work right, it can drive users away.

Make sure your website features are working and if they aren’t, don’t waste time fixing them. You might lose more in lost business than it costs to fix the issues.

6. Unnecessary Clutter

Are there buttons, badges and other features that don’t do anything of real purpose? Don’t clutter your website, only include things for a reason.

You don’t need a button for every social media, for example. Only the ones your target audience are more likely to use. Excess clutter will only annoy and distract your users and serve to drive them away.

7. Slow

Your website should load on all devices in no more than 3 seconds. Any longer than that then you’re losing visitors and effecting Google rankings. If your website is too slow to load, it is worth a redesign as outdated coding can be a speed killer.

It’s Time for a Website Refresh!

If we’ve described your website and how it’s performing, then it is time for a website refresh. Your website is often the first impression of your company. It’s important to get that right.

A fast, attractive and easy to use website suggests that this is true of your company as a whole. If you’re inspired to update your website, contact us at Izy Solutions to see how we can help you.

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