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Izchel Boyd

At the helm of Izy Solutions is Izy, a native of Mexico now living in the Northern Ireland.
Izchel Boyd, known as Izy has studied Computer Science at Mexico’s prestigious UNAM University and is a self-taught IT professional and project manager, who has learned the craft through working for over 18 years in the web design and IT field. Izchel has worked for many major international companies, including Nestlé, Ogilvy, Bancomer, and other companies in Mexico, the United States and many small businesses in the UK & Ireland thus gaining both international and local knowledge of the web design & IT fields.

Izchel Boyd (Izy)

So what do you need to have an effective online presence?

You need a site that has good content and is SEO optimised. You need customers to engage with your brand and to engage with your website. As a customer, Izy solutions can help you decide on what you want and what you need and how to best effect that solution in the most cost-effective way.

About Izy Solutions
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